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Blue Planet is a leading in mobile application company in Myanmar specializing on providing Value Added Services (VAS) for various telecom operators, enterprises and content providers alike to render exquisite and innovative services in a very cost effective way. We believe in providing the highest quality solutions in a very simplified way.

What We Do

We helps to content providers to reach users within digital Supply Chain:

Content Service and Aggregation

Content aggregation results in wider choice, more flexibility and greater cost saving opportunities. By tapping into a wider variety of content channels it can substantially reduce

Payment Gateway Solution

Payment Gateway Solution is when a customer orders a product from a payment gateway-enabled merchant, the payment gateway performs a variety of tasks to process the transaction

Digital Services

Digital services are services that are not sold and delivered physically . Digital services are online based services delivered electronically like Seo Services Marketplace starting

Marketing Campaign Management

It's the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. These tasks span the entire lifecycle of a marketing campaign, from inception to launch

Our Features

The information may be in the form of voice telephone calls, data, text, images, or video. Today, telecommunications are used to organize more or less remote computer systems into telecommunications networks.
We deliver exceptional service to our customers with automated multi-channel experience management and integrated voice response system.
With our messaging solutions, we make your service experience more interactive, responsive, secure, cost effective and insightful.
We produce engrossing content for millions of subscribers of more than 20 telecoms globally.
Broad experience in Mobile Application Development. We can help you to take your business to the next level with rapid and profitable Mobile Apps.
Our messaging suite includes USSD as well as SMS gateway, SMSC, SMS Router, USSD browser.
Blue Planet team of certified professionals brings years of expertise in multiple technologies including latest trends and customer needs.
Blue Planet products for telemarketing have been finely honed through years of refinement and addition of new contact methods.
Blue Planet framework of enterprises help them meet their customer communication needs in a variety of ways like SMS, voice based solutions on IVR and USSD.

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We're the first and largest telecommunication service provider in Myanmar since 2011.We provide inbound and outbound telecommunication services both to public consumers and business from various sectors.